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If you’re searching for an in-person ACT instructor knowledgeable in all subject areas, look no further! With 10 years of high school teaching experience, and over 500 hours of ACT prep classes taught, you won’t find a more knowledgable and experienced instructor in the greater Mobile area!

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I have been offering comprehensive and affordable ACT prep classes since 2013. My good humored and motivational approach in the classroom disarms students and makes them feel comfortable, allowing them to be open to new material. From day one to the present my students have improved ACT scores by maximizing their potential.

There are two main areas of immediate improvement on the ACT: content and strategy. Regarding content, allow me to both refresh old content and push students to learn more. As for strategy, I will convey strategic and straightforward approaches to the ACT as a whole and to each of the four main subject tests individually.

“Mr. Martin's preparatory class was the push I needed to improve my science score a full 5 points. It was not only the final step to achieving my dream of attending the University of Notre Dame, but it also instilled necessary study and comprehension skills that stayed with me throughout my time in college and beyond.”

Annie - Mobile, AL


"I took Mr. Martin's ACT Prep Course the first weeks of spring semester my Junior year. Although I made good grades and took honors and AP classes, I never tested well. My ACT score was several points below where I wanted, so I decided to try this class. I took the ACT one more time right after the course ended, and thanks to what I'd learned, I received the score needed to qualify for the highest academic scholarship at Loyola University New Orleans, where I went on to pursue a very successful undergraduate and graduate academic career. I recommend this course to all looking to improve their scores."

Bennett - Mobile, AL

"So, for my ACT score, I scored a 29 the very first time I took it officially. However, after taking the prep course, I retook the ACT and got a 34! The first time I took the ACT, I just went into it blind. However, after having taken it and done Mr. Martin's prep, I knew what to expect and how to strategically answer each section in an efficient amount of time. I don’t believe I was ever pressed for time the second time I took the ACT, either! Overall, my score didn’t go from a 29 to a 34 for nothing!"

Myles - Mobile, AL


"I was a little disappointed in my initial ACT score, as it was enough to get me into my preferred school, but not enough for a scholarship. After Mr. Martin’s engaging ACT prep course, my score jumped up several points, and I was able to qualify for the scholarship that I needed! Well worth the time and investment."

Erica - Fairhope, AL


I’m here to make ACT prep simple, accessible, affordable, and personal...all right here in the greater Mobile, AL area! Contact me via the email address below or the contact form to see how I can help!

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